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Vaudrey's Wharf

Heritage at risk!

This remote and picturesque wharf on the Macclesfield Canal a few miles from Congleton is at serious risk of being lost - stanked off, drained and returned to nature. For full details please read the summary report. Additional pictures of the site are provided below.

The latest situation is that no funding was obtained from the Partnership Project because Congleton Borough Council failed to carry out the necessary legal work before the time limit of end March 2008. In April 2009 Congleton Borough Council became subsumed within Cheshire East Council. CEC have since been merging the activities of the three previous boroughs and looking for every possible saving from their budget. As further time passes it seems less likely that the work to repair the wharf can be carried out and more likely that it will be stanked off.

At the BW Wales & Border Counties Autumn User Forum, 12 October 2009, BW answered a question on this subject. They are monitoring the site. If they believe that the seepage currently occurring is increasing here they will have no choice but to seal the site off [from the main line of the canal].

Clearly we do not want BW to stank the wharf off. Equally clearly there seems very little prospect of either CEC making repairs or of CEC finding the funds that will encourage CRT to take the site over and add it to the canal. This latter option is what we have strived for all along. Pray for no increase in seepage!


Vaudrey's Wharf from mainline

Looking into the wharf from the main line.

Looking towards Dane-in-Shaw

Looking south across the wharf entrance. In the distance is the main line crossing Dane-in Shaw embankment. The Biddulph Valley Way passes under the canal aqueduct at the narrows.

Overlooking the whar

The wharf is the right size for two full length boats, with room for an additional boat on the cusp of the main line on the near bank. There is a stone quay on each side.

Site of the leak

The leak is suspected to be under the quay at this end of the wharf.

Wharf edge stonework

The stonework around the wharf is in reasonably good condition. There is adequate water depth throughout.

Northeast quay

A stout and paved quay on the northeast side of the wharf.

Access driveway

The access driveway to Brookhouse Lane, vehicle width, hard paved and in good condition.

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