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Last updated: 7 August, 2016

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Places: Marple | High Lane | Higher Poynton | Wood Lanes | Bollington (north end) | Bollington (south end)
Hurdsfield | Macclesfield | Gurnett / Sutton | Lyme Green | Bosley | Congleton | Hightown (Congleton)
Astbury | Kent Green | Scholar Green | Hall Green | Red Bull | Kidsgrove

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Adelphi Wharf: EC Wed; butchers, baker, hairdressers, pet care, buses. 300m
Waterhouse Medical Centre 08443-878481, Pharmacy, PO 500m
Co-op (24hr free ATM); from Adelphi walk north along Middlewood Way, take steps down off left after 1st bridge 400m
01625-572999 250m down Grimshaw Lane, left, right, on right
Taxi 01625-572540

Restaurant via Adelphi Wharf
Bayleaf (Indian)
... Bollington pub guide & map

Pub/restaurant: br.29 ½ mile
Lord Clyde Inn book 01625-562123

Between br.30 & 33 there are 2 unused numbers and 3 redundant bridge holes!


Major shopping centre, all services, buses, IC railway station
Macclesfield District General Hospital, Victoria Road, A&E 01625-421000,
Vet 01625-501500. Taxi 01625-423333,
Police 101
Silk Museums 01625-613210
Br.37: all boat services
Macclesfield Canal Centre Brook Street 01625-420042 moorings, marina services
Freedom Boats, Brook Street
01625-420042 boat hire

Wharf Inn, Brook Street, br.37, CAMRA recd
Navigation Inn, br.38, 39 or 40

Br.38: CRT yard, water

There is no br.42! 

Lyme Green

Br.45: Petrol station over br. with shop, gas. Retail park access at FP (no food shops), bowling alley

Br.47: manual swing bridge
CRT key required
Bridge 47 was partly restored in 1991 by The Macclesfield Canal Society and was fully rebuilt by BW in 1998


Gawsworth Hall
01260-223456 2 miles

The milestones measure between Marple junction and Hall Green stop lock - 26 miles. They were restored in the early 1980's by The Macclesfield Canal Society





Br.53: water

Bosley Locks

Top lock: water, and on east side, service station with SPO, showers, laundry and rubbish disposal, card operated facilities.
CRT emergency: 0800 47 999 47

12 locks, length 72'6", width 7'2", lift 9'4", flight lift 112', draught 3'3", headroom 6'

The pace of change ensures that some information on these maps may soon be out of date. The author and MCS can accept no responsibility for any inconvenience caused. Corrections to these pages are welcomed by email.

Street map Street map Street map Street map Bridge 43 Bosley top lock Bridge 48 Fool's Nook Inn Bridge 30 Bridge 47 Lord Clyde Inn Bayleaf Indian restaurant Hovis Mill Old King's Head Inn Wharf Inn Navigation Inn Bull's Head Inn Hollin Hall Hotel, The Ridge Restaurant Three Crowns Inn Britannia Inn Puss in Boots Inn Bridge 57 Sutton Hall Pub/Restaurant


Grimshaw Lane: Corner Stores uphill
Bollington Wharf Marina 01625-575811 diesel, pump out, boat hire, day boat

South of br.28:
Kerridge Dry Dock 01625-574287 dry dock, repairs, welding

Pubs mile from br.28
Bull's Head, Hollin Hall Hotel and The Ridge Restaurant

Bridge 30 was restored by The Macclesfield Canal Society

There are 3 br.holes but no brs.31 or 32!


Downhill from br.34 or 35
A few shops, PO, Chinese chippy, laundrette
Tesco mile

Pubs br.34
Three Crowns uphill 150m
Britannia downhill 100m
Flower Pot downhill 250m
Br.37: general store, other shops

Pub br.37
* Puss in Boots

High Lane to Dane Aqueduct
Macclesfield tourist information
Town Hall


James Brindley remembrance plaque on house adjacent to Gurnett aqueduct

Sutton ½ mile via under Gurnett aqueduct: PO, general store, pub

* Ye Olde King's Head bottom of aqueduct steps on west side of canal. Good food
Sutton Gamekeeper in Sutton village access from aqueduct. New in 2015. Good food
Sutton Hall pub, br.44 Very good food

Caution! Br.47 manual swing bridge should be closed against boat traffic! CRT Watermate key required. Be careful here, boater overboard and drowned 2016.

Sutton Reservoir across road from br.48A

Oak Grove

Br.49: powered swing bridge
CRT key required

Pub br.49
* Fool's Nook Closed again future uncertain
Caution! Dangerous road!

Renaissance Carrying (diesel, solid fuel)
nb Alton. Call 0779 134 5004 for service

Sutton Common 402m WT mast


All items referred to on these maps are located east or west of the canal as shown by the position of the text except where specifically noted. Footpaths (FP) are usually on both sides of the canal where they cross at bridges.

Bosley Reservoir 1 miles, access from br.55 or br.57 (safest)
Lock 12 Disused railway (NSR)

Dane Aqueduct

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