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Bridge 73, Galley's

Br 73This bridge, close to Congleton, was saved from demolition by the Macclesfield Canal Society and others. It provided access to a proposed new housing estate but was too narrow. The plan was to replace it with a concrete slab which would have been entirely out of keeping with the canal architecture.

Agreement was reached that the bridge would remain and be extended to provide the necessary width. The north face had all its stones numbered; it was then dismantled and rebuilt fifteen feet further out. The picture shows the new 'stonework' (actually patterned concrete) in place between the original stonework at the far end and the rebuilt face at this end.

John Seddon, the developer, later generously acknowledged that the finished bridge not only looked much better than his original proposal but had also cost him less to construct.

Like all the stone bridges on the Macclesfield canal, it is Listed grade II.